​Kyle A. Palmquist


University of Wyoming

​1000 E. University Avenue

​Laramie, WY 82070



I am a plant community ecologist whose research interests span both basic and applied science and in addition to community ecology include spatial ecology, rangeland ecology, ecosystem ecology, macroecology, fire ecology, global change ecology, and conservation. My research focuses on two important questions in ecology: 

1) What ecological processes structure plant communities and how does their relative importance change over space and time?
2) How will global environmental change influence both pattern and process in plant communities?
I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Wyoming working in collaboration with Bill Lauenroth and John Bradford. My current research uses process-based and individual-based simulation modeling to quantify future vegetation dynamics and changes in ecohydrology in big sagebrush rangelands in response to changing climate and disturbance regimes and examines the scale-dependence of plant biodiversity patterns and their ecohydrological drivers in sagebrush ecosystems across their geographic extent in the western US.