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Emma is from South Charleston, WV. She is a sophomore double majoring in biology and environmental science, with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology. Her research interests are plant ecology, climate change, and conservation. In her free time, she likes to tend to plants in the Marshall greenhouse, spend time outside, rock climb, run, hike, and crochet.
Alexis Belt, BS in Computer and Information Technology
Alijah is a senior at Marshall University majoring in biology. Her research interests include plant and ecosystem ecology as well as ecosystem restoration and biodiversity management. In her free time she enjoys gardening, hiking, woodworking, and going to the movies.
Kyle is a plant ecologist interested in the ecological processes that influence and maintain plant biodiversity. She is particularly interested in asking ecological questions over large spatial scales, ultimately to inform landscape conservation.

Kyle received her BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston and her PhD in Ecology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall University in January 2019, she was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Wyoming working jointing with William Lauenroth and John Bradford. 
Emma Crouch, BS in Biological Sciences and Environmental Science
Lab Alumni
Growing up with plenty of pets to care for, I spent a lot of time outdoors observing the natural world, which drew me towards a career in science. I attended Eastern CT State University to earn my BS in General Biology where I conducted an independent research study on the effect of weather conditions on mule deer migration. I analyzed thousands of camera trap images, classifying members of mule deer populations in Wyoming. This work helped mold my research interests in community ecology and conservation, specifically regarding inquiry into community level dynamics associated with vulnerability to climate change. The M.S. study that I am working on here at Marshall involves shoreline vegetation vulnerability to sea-level rise.
Kyle A. Palmquist, Principal Investigator
Moses Shafer is from Parkersburg, WV. He completed his Bachelors in Environmental Science from Marshall University in 2019. Since then he has been roaming through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, catching frogs in wetlands, and living out of a truck in the Northwest. His research interests are pollinator/plant ecology and the way fire interacts with ecosystems. In his spare time, he likes baking, carving spoons, birding, mushroom foraging, trail running, backpacking, and skiing. 
Jorge Vera, MS in Biological Sciences
Moses Shafer, MS in Biological Sciences 


Alexis is from Clay, WV. She graduated at Marshall in 2021 with her bachelor's and is hoping to get certified in teaching through her master's.  She hopes to teach programming one day. In her spare time, she likes to read, sew, and play video games.
Alijah Kuhn, BS in Biological Sciences
Cody Goodson, MS in Biological Sciences


Plant Ecology at Marshall University​

Jorge grew up in Ecuador and enjoyed playing outside and climbing trees as a kid. He graduated with a Bachelor's in environmental science from Marshall University in 2021. He works as an Extension Associate at West Virginia State University on a post-harvest grant helping local farmers throughout the state. He spends the summers working at Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound Schools as a field instructor introducing kids to learning though the outdoor experience. He is at Marshall to study urban trees and the ecosystem services they provide for us. 
Graduate Students

Maggie England, MS in Biological Sciences, 2022. Present: Geospatial Analyst at the US Army Corps of Engineers, WV.

Rebekah Shupe, MS in Biological Sciences, 2021. Present: High School Science Teacher, VA.

Undergraduate Students

Leslie Titus, BS in Biological Sciences, 2023.

Jacob Webb, BS in Biological Sciences, 2023. Present: Biological technician, Wayne National Forest, OH.

Khyla Johnson, BS in Biological Sciences, 2022. Present: MS Student, Utah State University, UT.

Cassie Bacon, BS in Environmental Science, 2021. Present: Hydrologist at the US Army Corps of Engineers, WV.

Matthew Roswall, BS in Biological Sciences, 2021.

​Mary Doherty, BS in Biological Sciences, 2021.

Jordan Bowan, BS in Biological Sciences, 2021. Present: Graduate student at Marshall University, WV.

Aria Searles, BS in Biological Sciences, 2021. Present: Intern at the North Carolina Botantical Garden, NC.

Moses Shafer, BS in Environmental Science, 2020. Present: Graduate student at Marshall University, WV.

Reyna Abreu-Vigil, BS in Environmental Science, 2020. Present: Technician with US Forest Service, AK.