Plant Ecology at Marshall University​

​​Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach encourages critical thinking through three main strategies: 1) dissemination of key concepts to build a foundation for critical thinking, 2) incorporation of recent advances from examples in the primary literature, and 3) active learning exercises, such as small group activities and question and answer sessions, to apply those concepts to new problems and engage students in critical thinking. To the extent possible, I use multiple approaches (visual learning, writing activities) simultaneously to accommodate the needs of different students. In addition, as an educator a key goal of mine is to fine-tune and improve verbal and written skills to prepare students for communicating their ideas to others.

Courses Taught

BOT 4745/5745 - Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology: Fall 2016 (Instructor of Record - University of Wyoming​)

BOT 4700 - Vegetation Ecology Lab: Fall 2015 (Instructor of Record - University of Wyoming)

BOT 4745 - Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology: Fall 2014 (Guest Lecturer - University of Wyoming)

ENV 1110 - Introduction to Environmental Science Lab: Spring 2014​ (Instructor of Record - High Point University)

BIO 1100 - Biology: A Human Perspective Lab: Spring 2014 (Instructor of Record  - High Point University)

BIOL 101 - Introduction to Biology: 2010-2012 (Teaching Assistant - UNC Chapel Hill)

BIOL 201 - Ecology and Evolution: Fall 2009, Summer 2010 (Teaching Assistant - UNC Chapel Hill)

BIOL 451 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy: Spring 2010 (Teaching Assistant - UNC Chapel Hill) 

BIOL 301 - Plant Taxonomy: Spring 2006 (Teaching Assistant - College of Charleston)